Cookies: $1.90 each


Cupcakes: $2.95 each!  Available in a wide variety of flavors, icings and fillings; please call for more information!

Bar $2.25

-         Grasshopper (Mint and Chocolate Brownie)
-         Mixed Fruits (Berries baked in cheesecake topping on a pecan graham crust)
-         Lemon (with a sugar dough base)
-         Turtle Brownie (Chocolate with pecans and caramel)
–         Cappuccino Bar (Brownie base with cappuccino cream cheese topping)
-         Eva’s Walnut Brownie (whole wheat milk chocolate brownie baked with walnuts)
-         White Chocolate Chip Brownie (Dark Chocolate brownie baked with white chocolate chips and topped with ganache icing)

Traditional Cookie $0.99

-         Ginger Snap
-         Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

-         Oatmeal Raisin
-         White Chocolate and Macadamia
-         Double Chocolate
-         Vegan Cranberry Coconut

-         Chocolate Chip
-         Peanut Butter

European Cookie

-         Almond Macaroon – $1.10
-         Coconut Macaroon – $1.10
-         European Shortbread with raspberry filling – $2.25
-         Madeleine (French Lemon Biscuit) $1.00
-         Chocolate or Hazelnut Filled Florentine $ 1.99

French Macaroon – $1.20 ea.
Flavors change frequently!

-         Pistachio
-         Raspberry
-         Chocolate
-         Cappuccino
-         Passion Fruit
-         Black Currant

Tea Cookies
Assorted Tea Cookies on Trays: price varies by weight ($8.00/per lb.);  assorted Sable Cookies topped with hazelnut, almond, chocolate chips, candied fruit, etc.

Decorated Sugar Cookies $1.90 and $2.25

- Seasonal hand decorated cookies, custom shape and decoration available on demand